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Please contact us with any questions or comments that you have regarding Signs of Victory Ministries. 

Signs of Victory Ministries:

Located at 1100 Jackson St. S.E. 

Albany, Oregon



Ahoy, Ahoy:

Main Office: 541-967-8545

Food Bank:   541 928-7133

Director | Pastor | CEO George Matland: (503) 510.8387

Director | Pastor | CFO Virginia Meehan   (541) 405.9913

In all seriousness call or stop by and we would be elated to speak with you. However, If you are in immediate danger or its after hours and you require serious assistance, please stop what you are doing and get IN contact WITH any of the appropriate numbers below:



Police / Medical / Ambulance:



Non emergency 911 / Linn   COunty Sherrifs office:


They answer the phone 24×7.




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